Renee’s Story

Renee’s story about her more than 28-year long pursuit of justice for her sister, Sheryl, will reveal in vivid detail just how easy it is to be a victim.

It is just as easy for you, a friend, or a family member of a victim, to rationalize that it must not be that bad or you or they would just leave.  

Renee shares her viewpoint as a rock within her family, even when, her own emotions were torn apart and slowly pieced back together. She writes to generate sympathy and connection and to build a union of people who speak out against domestic violence. Everyone is in need of support. Allow Fehr to be your own personal rock.

Periodic articles will be published to the blog, hoping to impact the lives of those who can relate to the stories.

View Justice For Sheryl to learn more about the events that took place in Sheryl’s life and motivated Renee Fehr to never give up in her pursuit of justice for Sheryl.

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Welcome to Fehr Advocacy and Consultation

Fehr Advocacy and Consultation is dedicated to assisting domestic violence victims in obtaining justice.  All women have the basic right to live free from domestic violence and see those who violate that right held accountable for their actions.

If you are a victim of domestic violence or suspect that a friend or family member might be, stand up for yourself, your friend or  your family member.  Do something. Say something.  Don’t wait for more damage or until it is too late.  Any form or any amount of domestic violence is wrong and undeserved no matter what someone else says or how much someone else tries to blame you, your friend or your family member.  Until we demand that society and our justice system stop excusing it away, domestic violence won’t stop.

 If you are not sure whether you, your friend or your family member are victims, there are many great websites out there that describe what domestic violence is and provides lists of warning signs.  A few national sites that you might want to check out are:

    Many local communities have their own websites, resources and shelters available too.  A google search for “domestic violence help near me” should net additional results.

    Common warning signs may include:

    • possessiveness
    • temper tantrums
    • false accusations
    • jealousy and insecurity
    • constant criticism
    • isolation
    • infliction of physical pain
    • demanding sex

    Still not sure?  There is power in knowledge and numbers. Don’t sit there alone and wonder. Reach out.  Ask questions.  We must advocate for ourselves and each other.

    Scales of Justice 

    In our ever-progressing era of instant communication and connectivity, sharing our stories can provide the strength we need to pursue the justice we deserve.  With this being said, welcome to Fehr.  Join our commitment to obtaining justice for victims of domestic violence.  Share your story, and feel free to ask questions and take part in our discussions anonymously or personally.

     Welcome to Fehr Advocacy and Consultation where we are dedicated to helping you obtain justice.